Calderhead High School Day 2

The second day at Calderhead High School saw us going out on site to the Shotts Nature Park to look at the path and to practice using survey equipment.  The groups also planned the improvement works that they would be doing in 2 weeks time.  The 2 blog entries from the day are below:

The Zoomers:

“This morning we started by doing our dynamic youth.  We done three different dynamic youth targets.  When Tom arrived we started off the day with an ice breaker.  2 truths and a lie.  After our break we got a bus to leave to the park.

We checked out the path we are working on and surveyed the land and asked several questions for the public who use the path.  When we used the ranging poles and the gun clinometer, to find 10 metres between them we used the trundle wheel.

After lunch we drew the survey as a bigger format to find more information.  Then we highlighted any risks of the session. – Jayden”.

The Trailblazers:

“Today we went into class for lessons and we started today with some ice breakers.  Then we went and got our boots on and went on a bus to the nature park.  We went to see the paths.  Then we done some work on the paths which was measuring the path and how steep it was.  We also filled in a couple of surveys and got some inormation from the public about the paths and the park. – Liam”.

We’ll be back out at Shotts in 2 weeks time to do 2 days of practical work in the nature park.




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