“Getting Better Together” with Calderhead High School

Today we were back working alongside “Getting Better Together Shotts” at Calderhead High School for the first session of our second Path Skillz course with the school.  Back in 2018 the school undertook the biggest Path Skillz project that had ever been attempted. This time we promised the staff it wouldn’t be so difficult!

The class divided themselves into 2 teams and both blog entries from the day are presented below:

The Zoomers:

“Hi, our name is The Zoomers.  We are taking part in a Path Skillz project.  We are from Calderhead High School.  Today we learned about tools we could use and history of paths.  We also learned about different environments that have paths.  Then after that we played some games that looked at different paths then we went for our lunch.  After lunch we had a game of an ice breaker.  For that game we just went in a circle and all held hands and someone from the group squished there hand and we had to pass it about the circle.  After we played that we just looked at the tools and learned how to use them.  Tomorrow we are going to go and see the path that we are going to fix so we can come back and plan it out for when we are going up to do it.  We will then have it all planned out.  The things we thought was hard is remembering things.  Penny, Alicia, Kolina, Jayden & Leam.”


The Trailblazers:

“Today we were introduced to Tom from Path Skillz who was taking our training.  We started with ice breakers to get to know each other.  The game was introducing our names with adjectives.  We played a game with dice and pictures of paths to see problems with the paths and what changes that could be done to the path.  After lunch we learned about the tools we would be using to build the path and the tools were tape measure, clip board, ranging post, trundle wheel, spirit level and clinometer.  A challenge was coming up with our name for the group and we decided on the Trailblazers.”


Tomorrow we’ll be going out on site and looking at the path we will be improving.



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