Evaluation session at Parklea

It was great to get over to Inverclyde today to meet up with a Path Skillz group that did their course and practical work 6 months ago.  The guys at Parklea Branching Out were very happy to finish off their Dynamic Youth Award portfolios and still remembered a lot of what had been covered in their course back in May.  Here’s what they had to say:

We have had our final Path Skillz assessment finished.  We saw a slideshow of pictures of us working on the path 6 months ago.  We had a bit of a laugh and we finished or Dynamic Youth Award folders.  It was fun and and entertaining and interesting learning how to build a path and the types of path there are.

This was the second Path Skillz course delivered in partnership with Parklea Branching Out and we are very hopeful of a third taking place in 2020.




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