Herculean effort by super college students

On Friday the Path Skillz team travelled back to Carmunnock to work on the path project supported by the students of the City of Glasgow College campus.

CoG group shot
The group model the hi-viz look 🙂

A much smaller group attended the project at Carmunnock but they more than made up for the smaller numbers with sheer hard work.  Due to issues with the vehicle transporting the large stone they would be using on the path not being able to make it up to the site, the major task for the day was to get all the material up to where it was required.

This was no mean feat as this required the students (and staff) to walk a good distance to where the lorry had left the path material.  This effort was made all the more heroic by the group, as there was small hill to contend with to get it up to the area of the path that was being upgraded.  The group, without complaint, set about getting the material up to the site using wheelbarrows and will power.

Stone path
Two tonnes delivered to the site by the students.  Still another one to go :0

Whilst the group performed this physically demanding task, the Technical Officer for Paths for All commenced work on constructing the new boardwalk.  Last week Graeme and the students removed the old boardwalk which had become a hazard. The old boardwalk had been in place for many years and had used bent nails to create a less slippery surface, which desperately needed replacement.

The new anti-slip boards used to create a walkway to avoid the boggy ground underneath

Although the previous boardwalk had served its purpose of giving visitors to the site a means of crossing the boggy area, this type of construction is now not considered good practice. Using nails in such a way creates more of a trip hazard and Graeme resolved this issue by ordering the modern anti-slip boards to create a much safer and more aesthetically pleasing boardwalk for local walkers to use.

boardwalk 2
The first section of boardwalk gets put in place

The construction of the boardwalk was not as simple as first expected due to large rocks being discovered below the surface of the path and a lot of previous material such as wooden boards and parts of an old gate being found buried at the site.  This did create problems as this material had to be excavated to allow the posts to go in to raise the boardwalk slightly above the path surface.  After this material had been discovered and removed, Graeme made some new calculations to work out where the post should go to avoid the larger stones that could not be removed but would still give the boardwalk its structural integrity (Pythagoras would have been proud).  Once Graeme had figured out how to tackle this problem he then moved onto constructing the boardwalk with expert efficiency, while taking the time to explain the importance of proper construction of this type to the trainee development officer.

Due to the issues of the day, only first section of the boardwalk was completed and the path remains to be finished as a tonne of stone still needs to be taken to the site to finish off the path and the other sections of the boardwalk has to be put in place.  Although this was the final day for the students on the Path Skillz course, all the students who attended were vey keen to come back to the site and help finish it alongside Graeme and the Gary, the countryside ranger for South East Glasgow.





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