Green Action

On Thursday the keen group of young men from Green Action Volunteers returned to Callendar Park woodland to complete the path they had been working on the previous week.

GA Workgroup
The Green Action group listen to a health and safety talk


The group unfortunately could only attend the path work in the afternoon due to other commitments with Scottish Waterways Trust but this did not stop them from completing the two sections of the path they had planned to do.

Raking the stone two sections
The group start raking the material transported to the site by the Forestry Rangers on their quad (much easier than using a wheelbarrow) 🙂

The group split themselves into two teams to tackle the different sections that were in need of maintenance due to poor drainage and increased footfall which meant that this area had become very muddy at the waterlogged areas.  Both groups transported a lot of the type 1 stone and whin dust by wheelbarrow but were also assisted by the rangers from the Forestry Commission who transported a lot of the material to where it was needed using their quad bike (much to the relief of the Path Skillz group). 🙂

Callum takes a breather
Calum and crew take a rest after another barrowful of material has been delivered by them

Despite only having a short time to work on the site, the whole group worked well together and with the staff from Path Skillz and the Forestry Commission to complete the job.  Gordon, Lesley and Colin from the Forestry Commission were very appreciative of the work the students had put into the project and were glad to hear that many of them would be very interested in doing more path work at the Callendar Park and learning more about other types of conservation activities at the site.

Ewan, Hugh Adam.jpg
Ewan, Hugh and Adam tend to the path after some helpful advice from Ranger Lesley.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the day and although it was cold they loved the experience of working outdoors with the Forestry Commission and all agreed they preferred this to sitting in a class.  Unfortunately the Path Skillz team could not get a blog from the students this week as they had transport waiting for them.  The group did however thank both FCS and Path Skillz for allowing them this new experience and for all the encouragement they received.

Ryan and Adam inspect
Ryan and Adam inspect one of the finished paths that will allow park users to travel through the area without needing wellies 🙂

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