Perth path skillz and a birthday celebration

On Monday, the Path Skills team had the pleasure of travelling to Perth College to work with a new group of students from the campus who have accepted the challenge of upgrading and promoting a path in their local area.

The students were keen to find out more about the course and after an introduction to Path Skillz looked forward to our challenge games.  The group all participated well in our first icebreaker game and then became the second group to all score 100% on our historical path game (we may need to make it harder) 🙂

group workbook
Lauren, Nicole M, Mickela and Nicole s being awarded points for their 100% score

The group enjoyed this game but had more fun playing the Path Skillz favourite ‘The Path Problem dice game’.  Everyone took part in rolling the dice and describing the path problem they landed on.  The class was very energetic during this but the biggest throw of the day was by their tutor Caroline (watch out for the lights).

dice game caroline
Class tutor Caroline with an impressive overhand throw as the class look on.

Despite the sometimes wayward bounce of the dice the group enjoyed this activity and answered all of the questions really well.

nicole path prob
Nicole studying what the issues would be in the photograph

Before the start of the afternoon session, the group took time out at lunchtime to surprise Lauren with a birthday cake.  Despite having a sore throat on her birthday Lauren made it into class and the group showed their appreciation of her by preparing a huge birthday cake which everyone enjoyed getting a piece of.

lauren path problem
Birthday girl Lauren throwing the dice

After lunch the group got together to prepare their visitor survey for next week when they travel to St. Magdalene’s Hill.  Although the group have yet to visit the site they did decide on the best questions to ask visitors by working well as a group and giving consideration to what information they would need to gather from visitors to promote the experience of visiting the area.

group dya
The group working together on their visitor survey questions

After completing the paperwork the students were given the opportunity to use the surveying equipment they will use next week to do a detailed survey of the path.  The group have had some experience with using the trundle wheel and tape measures but were very interested in using the ranging poles and clinometer gun as these pieces of equipment were unfamiliar to them.  The group quickly grasped how this equipment is used to measure gradient and look forward to using them next week.

The class finished the day looking forward to the practical activities in the following weeks and below is the blogs completed by both groups which gives an account of their first day on the Path Skillz course.

” When we first came to class we just wanted to go back to bed bescause it was Monday morning.

We did an assortment of games which weren’t as bad as we thought they were going to be.  It was fun throwing the stars as part of our target challenge.

We learned different equipment, different techniques and made a community survey.  We recognised why paths are so important and that there are paths in our community that need improved.

In general it was quite peaceful and wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be.  It would have been better if it wasn’t Monday and there was chocolate “.

KSJ – Mickela, Morgan, Nicole S, Nicole M, and Lauren

“Today we started the Path Skillz project. At first we didn’t know what to expect but found it quite interesting.

It was challenging being in the classroom all day but we are looking forward to going out to start building the path.

Today we learned new things, for example about path erosion and how to use a clinometer.

Next week we are going out to survey “.

Red Rockets – John, Morgan and Bruce


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