Super College students

On Friday, the Path Skills team had the privilege of meeting a new group of students who will be taking part in our Paths Skillz course.

The eight students from the City of Glasgow college gave a warm welcome to the team, highlighting that Glasgow is the World’s friendliest city. After a quick introduction the students were very keen to get started and find out more about the Path Skillz course.

ryan sean
Sean and Ryan give their thoughts on considerations when building a path


The group showed how keen they were to learn, giving excellent answers to the first section of our presentation.  The group quickly grasped that many different issues, such as the width of the path and materials used are important considerations for path users.

The group continued their good form by becoming the first group of students to all get 100% in our historical path game and then highlighted all the issues in the common path problem section of the presentation.

2019-01-18 10.09.10
The students working out answers to the historical path game.  100% achieved by everyone 🙂

The students really enjoyed the Dice game, which is a student favourite on the Path Skillz course. Even in this section the group excelled, with many rolling a six with techniques that would not look out of place in a Las Vegas casino :). This was eventaually won by Callum but in a nail biting finish both Sam and Ryan took it to the wire.

2019-01-18 11.17.00-1-1
Callum rolling his way to victory 

After lunch, the group again showed their enthusiam by asking many question about when a camber or a crossfall is used and about the importance of drainage. The group were also very interested in learning about boardwalks as part of their path mission will be to build a small raised boardwalk.

The group then got the opportunity to try the equipment that they will use for surveying their path in Carmmunock next week. Of particular interest was how to use the mobile phone clinometer app, Dioptra, along with the javelin (Ranging poles) 🙂

2019-01-18 14.09.47
Sam holding the ranging pole while Roxanne shows Annalise how to use the clinometer gun correctly

The group fnished off their day still displaying the same energy they had in the morning by all taking part in a vlog to tell viewers about their first day on the Path Skillz course. To see the students wonderful videos pleas watch their presentations below.



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