Job Done :)

Yesterday Path Skillz team travelled back to Glenrothes to meet up with the energetic group from the Access to Further Education course at the Stenton campus @fifecollege. The group were very keen to complete the work they had started on the new path last week.

health and safety
Jamie giving the group a thumbs up after the tool talk while Mhairi takes on the role as group photographer for the day

After giving a tool talk they were keen to get started, cutting back vegetation and clearing away any large branches to make the area was safe for them to extend the path.  After this was complete they then got down to the serious business of completing the path.

spray and extend
Chelsea carefully marks out the area to be extended for the rest of the group to get digging 🙂

The group worked well together as a team.  Whilst some extended the path other members of the group collected the blaes material from the college yard to start filling in the tray and start building the path.

group working digging
The group working together as a an efficient team

After a lot of hard work barrowing the material and then adding it to the tray, the teams hard work was rewarded with a beautifully finished path.  The team are very proud of what they have achieved and would like to continue to work on extending the path and developing a network of paths around the campus.

almost there
Murren and Katie taking a step back after finishing off the path.  Well done everyone

The Path Skillz team would also like to thank Chelsea and Mhairi for giving their time to help with a case study that Paths Skillz are producing.  The case study will focus on the impact of the ‘Girls get oot’ campaign, developed by (SNH) and Youth Scotland.  Mhairi and Chelsea gave the Path Skillz team a valuable insight into what they think is important to encourage young females to access the outdoor environment more and gave brilliant feedback and suggestions.

Below is the blogs completed by all of the group who took part in the course:

‘Today we started the day by cutting and clearing branches away to make the path safe for us to work on.  We then had to extend the tray by digging out more of the earth.

After we had done this we collected the material from the yard and put it on the path, making sure it was even.

Mhairi  photos of the group working hard and working well together to complete the job. Mhairi and Chelsea also took part in an interview for a case study that the Path Skillz team are doing about the impact of the ‘Girls get oot’ campaign that we had learned about in class’.

We took loads of photos with the finished path and the group were very happy with what they had achieved’

Wheel Squad – Mhairi, Katie and Connor

‘Today we had to collect the blaes from the yard in the campus and wheelbarrow it along to where we were creating the path.

It was a lot of hard work but we enjoyed it. Job done 🙂 ‘.

Ya gals + B – Breanna, Murren and Chelsea

‘Today we dug out the rest of the tray and then raked it out and disposing of the excess earth using the wheelbarrow.

We then put the blaes into the wheelbarrows and started filling up the tray.  Some of the class raked it to create a good surface on the path while other filled the barrows with more blaes.

It was good to see it finished and the whole class worked well together.  We have enjoyed this project’

KMS – Sean, Conrad and Jamie

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