Off to a (Fife) flyer

Today the students off Fife College finally got the chance to start constructing their new path on the campus.  After a recap on health and safety on site the students gave a demonstration on how to use the tools required for the days work.  Once this was finished the group was eager to start marking out their path and get to work.

Chelsea starting to mark out the path

Once Chelsea had marked out the edges of the path, the group got started on removing the top layer of turf and stacking the material at the side of the path to ensure a tidy worksite.  The students worked well together and in no time had cleared the area to allow them to work on digging out more of the tray.

line out
The group get started

The students worked hard all morning and after a well deserved lunch break came back out and dug out the path tray to a very high standard.  The group achieved all the tasks well by organising themselves into small teams to ensure that they worked very effectively together.

Breanna and Murren using the barrow to ensure a tidy workspace

The students did a fantastic job despite the weather and look forward to extending the tray area of  the path and then putting the blaes material on to finish it.

Nearly done

The group did not just complete this section of path but also organised the planning of their event to unveil the path to the campus when complete.  One of the students, Mhairi, spent the afternoon sending out invitations to guests and designing flyers.  Mhairi also spent time writing a blog for the day which can be read below:

‘Today we started our path.  Everyone got their gear on, Hi-Viz jackets, safety boots, overalls and PPE gloves.

Once outside we refreshed our knowledge of the tools and the safety measures.  We then went out to the path and cut branches so that we could see what we were doing and to make it safe to work in the area.

We then measured the length and width of our path and spray painted the lines to ensure a good job.  We then used spades and shovels to lift the turf and soil on the painted line by cutting the ground into squares and digging them up, which me removed from the path worksite with barrels to make sure the area was safe and tidy.

We all worked well as a team and got everything done to an excellent standard’

The Wheel Squad – Mhairi


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