Onwards and upwards

On Friday the brilliant students from FVC met the Path Skillz team on campus to complete their final evaluation.

The group completing the ‘final bits’ of paperwork 🙂

The group started the day by watching a presentation prepared by Path Skillz that highlighted all that the new skills they had gained.  The group talked about what they had enjoyed in the classroom sessions and discussed what they had learned  which included leading surveys and learning  how to budget for a project.

The students also talked about how much they had enjoyed building the path at Muiravonside Country Park and how they were very proud that the group had received very positive feedback from visitors to the park.  The  group discussed all the skills they had learned and how they enjoyed using the different tools. (Although they did admit it was very hard work in the rain)

 Completing the target sheets

After the class discussion, the group completed the ‘final bits’ of paperwork required to finish the module and allow assessment of their work.  Although (like everyone else) the idea of more paperwork was not an exciting prospect, the group worked through it quickly.   As they have now completed all the module requirements they will now achieve a Youth Scotland  Dynamic Youth Award.  This award is well deserved as recognition for all the hard work they have put in during their time on the Path Skillz course.

The ‘hard work’ is almost done.

As the final session drew to a close, it was time to introduce some fun as an antidote to the paperwork that had just been completed :).  The group took part in a final quiz that tested all that they had learned during their time with the Path Skillz team.

Quiz time

This quiz resulted in an exciting finish as individuals had been awarded points throughout all of the sessions for special achievements.  This meant that on this final day it was was still ‘all to play for’.  After a hard fought battle, Daniel emerged victorious, claiming the £10 Love to shop voucher but remaining gracious in victory.

Daniel winning the quiz with his quick answer (he was that fast his arm is a blur) 🙂

To finish the day, the students welcomed staff from @CVSFalkirk who had agreed to meet the students to discuss further volunteering opportunities.   CVS Falkirk play a major role in ensuring the continuation and development of a vibrant third sector within Falkirk and amongst their key areas of work is providing increased opportunities to volunteer.  The students were very interested to hear about further opportunities to build their confidence in new environments, learn new skills and achieve a Saltire award.


Ending the day with the ‘dice game’

Both staff from CVS Falkirk and Path Skillz would like to thank the students for welcoming us to the college and for all the effort they have put in during their time on the Path Skillz course.

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