Path perfection

Today it was the privilege of the Path Skillz team to attend Muiravonside Country Park after being invited along by the students of Forth Valley Colleges Workstart programme.  Following on from all their hard work to complete the path at Muiravonside a few weeks ago, the students worked together to plan an event to unveil the new path they had built.

FVC section of path
Just a ‘small’ section of the path completed by FVC.  

The group started the event by welcoming all of their invited guests and then gave a presentation on what they had learned and enjoyed while working with the Path Skillz team.  Their presentation also involved a slide show of their classroom and practical work which was done with their own brand of cheeky humour and was very funny.

Brandon presenting
Brandon welcoming everybody at the start of the presentation

During the presentation they also took time to thank the ranger, Simon, for allowing them to work in the park and for all his assitance.  The group showed their appreciation for Simon by allowing him the privilege of cutting the ribbon.

Simon ribbon cutting
@FCTrust Park ranger Simon cutting the ribbon to open the path.

After the opening of the new path, the group returned to the Mill building to be awarded their certificates of achievement from the Path Skillz team.  It was a privilege to hand over the certificates to this amazing group in recognition for all the hard work and commitment they have shown since the beginning of the course.

FVC group certificates smiles
FVC group presenting their well earned certificates

After the presentation and ceremony the group took the time to chat with guests while they enjoyed the refreshments they students had brought to the event.  All of the comments from the guest were positive about the hard work, dedication and good humour the group had shown throughout the course.  Simon, in particular expressed his thanks to the students of @FVCollege and commented that visitors to the park have already praised the group on the high standard they achieved.


Fb group photo
The ‘gang’ with their inspirational tutor Marguerite.

Before the students had to leave they were very keen to help promote the ‘Girls get oot’ campaign.  This campaign, developed by SNH and Youth Scotland, is aimed to help break down barriers for young females to get outdoors.  This campaign appealed to Natasha, Kayleigh, Heather and Rachel as they are a fantastic example of how young females can inspire others to enjoy the outdoors in a fun way.

FVC girlsgetoot
Inspirational ladies

(and in the name of equality just so the lads don’t feel left out)

The lads
The fabulous FVC boys



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