Fife Fashion

Yesterday the Path Skillz team returned to Fife College to start work on the path that the students had surveyed and designed over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately due to bad weather the practical session had to be cancelled after a discussion with the Health and Safety team at the campus.

Disappointed faces after being told the practical session had been cancelled

The day was not totally lost as this gave the students an opportunity to try on their new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which had been supplied by the college.  Although disappointed at not being able to start the path work, this did provide an opportunity to bring all the tools that are going to be used to build the path into the classroom and have a discussion on how to use them safely and appropriately.

Fife College group ‘throwing a pose’ to model the new PPE

The group talked at length about how each tool should be used and did very well at highlighting how important it is to think about health and safety on site.  The group discussed the hazards that needed to be taken into consideration at the site and did consider issues such as low hanging branches and what precautions would need to be taken when building the path.

Chelsea modelling the latest fashion in overalls and hi-viz waistcoasts.  Murren models this years line in safety glasses, gloves and steel toe capped boots.

The bad weather outside also allowed the group to talk through each stage of building the path, from marking out the dimensions to allocating how tasks should be arranged to ensure everyone plays a part in constructing the path.

‘Ya gals + B’ promoting the ‘Girls get oot’ campaign

The students were all very active in promoting their group on social media and their tweets from today can be found @PathSkillz. The young ladies of the group were also very interested in helping to promote the #Girlsgetoot campaign’.  This campaign has been developed as part of Freshspace, a partnership between SNH, Young Scot and female volunteers to encourage teenage girls to help break down the barriers to getting outdoors.  For more information on this campaign please follow the link below.

Below is the session blogs from the group:

‘Today we learned about all the tools that we are going to be using and what they will be used for.  We also promoted the #Girlsgetoot campaign which aims to get people our age outdoors and break down some of the barriers that prevent young women from experiencing nature.

We also enjoyed our coffee that Dudley (the tutor) bought us :)’.

Ya gals + B xoxo (Chelsea, Breanna and Murren)

‘Today we tried on and made sure that our overalls and boots fit, then we got the tools out and we learned how to use the tools.

We then went through health and safety before we discussed what our plan is for completing the path’

KMS (Sean, Jamie and Conrad)

‘Today we learned how to safely use tools.  We were told how to use them by listening to our tutors from Path Skillz.

We also learned what safety precautions to take, like what to wear and how to hold the equipment.

In a few weeks we will be starting to build the path and help promote it when it is finished’

Wheel Squad (Mhairi, Katie and Connor)








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