Path analysis


On Wednesday the students of Fife College analysed the findings from the excellent survey work they completed last week.  Taking the information that they had gathered last week in their individual groups, they all got together to discuss what improvements could be made to the area.

Colourful comments by Breanna

The group had a variety of comments from the public, both positive and negative, about the area.  After discussing the comments the group decided that from the interviews, although people liked visiting the area, the paths do need improving.  They also highlighted that more signposts could be installed to help identify good walks for the community.

Ben presenting his detailed drawing of last weeks path survey

Other members of the group completed a detailed drawing of the path survey they completed last week.  All of the groups took pride in detailing the information they had gathered for their survey drawing.  In their survey drawing they included the length and width of their path, the gradient and any hazards.  They also detailed which tools they used to survey the area and explained to the group how they were used to provide information for the survey.

Measuring the crossfall

After presenting their findings, the group discussed what they needed to do to improve their path and what materials they would need.  This involved the group learning how to cost for materials and tools while still remaining in budget.

Budget plan for the Wheel Squad

At the end of the session the group discussed the hazards of working outdoors and the importance of health and safety.  The group showed a good knowledge of the potential hazards at the site they will be working on next week and gave excellent suggestions on how any risk can be reduced.

Below is the blogs from the group from this week:

Today we have analysed our separate surveys and the comments.  We also discussed how to measure the path using the tools we used last week.  Later on in the session we calculated the cost of tools for our group of three and then talked about risk assessment and now the group know what hazards to be aware of and how to prevent injuries.

At the end of our session we completed a Paths for All word search and finished it first so all our group was awarded a point’

The Wheel Squad – Mhairi and Connor

Today we had to draw a more detailed version of our path survey from last week and then had to work out a budget for all the tools we will need to do the project.  We learned how to budget when you only get a certain amount of money to spend.  Today was good as our team worked together and communicated well ‘.

KMS – Jamie, Conrad and Sean

Due to a few members of the Ya gals plus B xoxo not being able to attend, Breanna made this short vlog.




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