Survey Skills


Roxanne showing Chelsea how to use the clinometer gun to measure gradient

Yesterday at Fife College the students continued to learn more about what Path Skillz has to offer.  The day started with learning  how to prepare a community consultation and visitor survey and received a good response from those they interviewed.  The group also learned about the survey tools that are needed to perform a professional survey and got the opportunity to use them in class before going out to do a survey on the grounds of the college.

The group takes their survey skills outside

In class, the group also learned to identify the tools used to construct a path.  The students showed a good knowledge of the tools and some talked about their previous experiences of working outdoors. The students also discussed the best type of material to use for their path after being shown samples of materials commonly used to build paths.

Ben using the spirit level and learning about how a crossfall is used in path building

After working hard throughout the afternoon, the students enjoyed the Lego challenge and tweeting about what they had learned from the days session.  The class enjoyed the day with the only negative being the cold weather outside.   Despite this, both groups did an excellent job of surveying.

Mhairi tweeting about the days events. To follow the student tweets please go to @PathSkillz

Below is the blog from the groups:

‘Today we were discussing about different materials for the path and then we were given lego to build a path using all of the 29 bricks.  After that we went outside and did a path survey, we used ranging poles, a trundle wheel, spirit level and the clinometer gun.

We had to discuss the hazards outside, next to the path, and then take measurements and draw a rough sketch of the path’.

Ya Gals + B xoxo (Chelsea, Murren and Breanna)

‘Today we measured a path using the trundle wheel, extended tape measure and the spirit level.  Sean liked using the javelins (ranging poles).  We also used a clinometer gun.

We liked the group discussions.  We are looking forward to building the path and don’t care about the weather.

KMS – (Conrad, Sean and Jaime)

‘Today we learned the tools used to survey the path. Katie and me did the path survey using these tools and we did a very good, detailed survey.  Mhairi did an excellent community survey getting lots of good responses from people answering the questions we picked.

We also learned about what tools we will need to build the path and learned all about what materials we can use and how to build a good path using layers’

The Wheel Squad (Katie, Mhairi and Connor)






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