A fantastic finish for Forth Valley College

Last Friday the fantastic group from Forth Valley college completed the practical sessions of their path project at Muiravonside.  The group worked hard throughout the day to upgrade a section of path at the site.

The group built on previous work and experience to help complete a large section of path that has now created a wonderful surface for visitors to enjoy and helped prevent any problems with drainage on this stretch of path.

The students worked well together and the final result was greatly appreciated by Falkirk Community Trust Ranger Simon Bowers, who commented that the group’s commitment to the project was excellent and he was very pleased with the work.

The group enjoyed themselves on this last practical session and look forward to creating an event to promote the path and all their hard work.

Below is a blog written by the group to describe their last practical day working on the path.

“Today we continued on the path adding more Type 2 along the path to join it up between the two sets of steps.

Rachel and Kayleigh did well shovelling the Type 2 into the power barrow so that we could get a lot of material to where it was needed.  Steven was helping at the top to spread the material and create a crossfall, while Alan helped Brandon to remove muddy material to create a good base for the path.

In the afternoon we all helped to rake the path to create a good surface for people to walk on.

We loved helping here and the people are nice :)”

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