Fife college students break through the ceiling


Yesterday the Path Skillz team travelled to Glenrothes to meet up with a new group of students.  Over the next seven weeks this lively group of students will work together to upgrade and promote a path on their campus.  Due to other study commitments at the college, the group will be completing the modules over an extended period as they will only be available to work with the Path Skillz team on Wednesday afternoons.


Area to be cleared by group for the new path

Despite a busy morning for the students, the group enjoyed the first session with the Path Skillz team.  As regular readers know the first sessions are based around fun, icebreaker challenges.  The group really enjoyed the ‘Path Problem’ game in which a dice is thrown to move up the ‘steps’ of the challenge to identify the path problems in the picture.  This game is always popular but this group did find it hilarious when one of the group threw the inflatable dice directly up, knocking a ceiling tile out of place.  (Note to Path Skillz team – take extra care in low ceiling classrooms).

The ‘Dangerous dice’ game

The group enjoyed this activity as well as many other such as the ‘Target Game’ and did well to maintain their energy and own brand of humour through the afternoon session.  Below is the blogs completed by the groups to describe what they had learned in the first session.

Roxanne showing the group how to throw stars in the target game


The first blog was created by Chelsea of Ya Gals plus B xoxo.  (Also in this group are Murren and Breanna).

‘The name of our group is Ya Gals plus B xoxo.  Today during all our activities we worked as a team to discover what paths were used for and the purpose of them.

The challenges I faced today were great as they helped me to overcome my confidence skills and speaking in part of a team.  

During the class the things I enjoyed the most was working with a others to do the ice breaker challenges and this motivated me to work as a team.

At the next session our group are going to put together a survey for our community and to come up with ideas to design a new path’.

Chelsea and her winning high score

Mhairi of the ‘Wheel Squad’ wrote the blog for the next group.   This other group members are Katie and Connor.

‘We really enjoyed the dice game and had one of our group win as Katie was good at throwing the die (and she didn’t put it through the roof ):).  

Connor enjoyed being our team Captain but we all struggled with the Target Challenge game – throwing stars is hard.  

We all learned we are all really bad drawers when we had to draw a house on a paper plate on top of our heads.

We will be learning how to do a community survey and how to survey a path using the proper equipment and tools’.

The final group KMS (Jamie, Sean and Conrad) were more to the point in their blog and bullet pointed what they had learned during the day. 🙂

  • We learned a bit about paths, how people use the paths, recreation, cycling, walking etc.
  • We played some games, the games were fun.
  • There were no challenges
  • We will be working on our survey to design a new path for people to use
  • We learned about the Dynamic Youth Project and the award.






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