Parklea Celebrate New Path

The young people who worked tirelessly to create the new path at Parklea Branching Out in Port Glasgow spent the last few weeks organising an event to open their new path. The event was well attended and was a great way to recognise the achievements of the young people involved. They even organised a plant raffle for the day.

Here is an account of their day (They were pretty knackered by the time it came to writing the blog!) :

‘Today at the event, councillor Jim Macleod opened the the path by cutting the ribbon. We then received our certificates from Jim Macleod. After we got our certificates, we went and got food and drink at the cafe’

They did however get some great comments from some of the members of the community who attended:

‘I thought the event was very well organised and thought out. The students worked very hard to achieve a positive result. It was an inspiration to see the work that went into it’

‘I liked the fact that the event encouraged all the kids to work together to build the path as well as develop a great work ethic. There was a positive influence from their peers. I look forward to seeing more in the future’ 

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