Fun and games with Forth Valley College.

On Friday the 21st of September it was the privilege of the Path Skillz team to work with eight fantastic and energetic students from Forth Valley College.


The group started very lively and showed fantastic energy throughout the day competing in different teams to complete games and tasks.  The group also took a lot of interest in discussing different aspects of the course, such as surveying, proper use of tools and how they would fix the current problems at the path they will be working on over the next few weeks.


The group split into two different teams to take part in these fun activities and also to create a separate blog and vlog.   The two teams had fun throughout the day and the Path Skillz team and the groups tutors, Marguerite and Avril, also enjoyed the banter of the group.

Below is a blog by the ‘Psycho Squad‘ group.  In this group are Steven, Rachel, Alan and Kayleigh. (They aren’t as scary as the name suggests) 🙂


Today in our group we were talking about the tools we will use on the path and we learned how to survey as we will be fixing the path.

We talked about different paths and how we might fix them so we will know how to tackle problems on our path.

We liked everything and the games we did were fun, such as people bingo, draw a house on your head, the DYA target game and the path game.

At the next session we will be going out to survey our path at Muiravonside and decide on materials and tools needed’.


The ‘Path Rangers‘ group decided on doing things a little differently and decided to do a vlog for your viewing pleasure.  They hope you will have as much fun watching it as they had creating it. In this group are Brendan, Natasha, Heather and Daniel.



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