The long path to success.

View from start of pathIn the last few days the hardy students of Calderhead High School braved typical Scottish weather to build a path that their community will be proud of.


Hi viz litter pick

The group started the day by putting on their waterproofs and Hi-Viz then equipped themselves with litter pickers to tidy up the section of path they had chosen for their project.  Above and beyond the call of duty, the group continued down the path network to clear the area of debris and cleared an area of burned material that had been set on fire by anti-social behaviour in the area.  The group collected all the wood from the area to prevent a further incident and returned it to the path site so that it could be safely disposed of.
Begining of project

After the group had completed this task they started on building their path which measured over 100 metres.  Working in ‘squads’ they set about their allotted jobs and worked well together to put down a base for the path, ensuring it was done to a high specification.

Path markings

The group worked well as a team despite difficult conditions as the weather dampened spirits (and the students) a little.  However after a nice lunch at the community hub of Getting Better Together,he troops regrouped and put in a fantastic effort to get the path base finished and started working on laying down the path surface.Filling barrow

The group did fantastically well in completing this task on such a large path and will return to the site over the next few days to complete the whole job.  After the path is complete the group will help design signage to help the community become aware of the new and improved route they have built for the community to access this site and the wider community.

Work done half way

Below is a blog from the group about their hard work over the past two days.

Yesterday when we got into school we all got ready and put on our waterproofs.  When we got to the minibus we drove down to the site and their was two BIG piles of different material.

Before we started on the path we did a litter pick of the area.  We started from the beginning of our path to about a quarter of a way round the paths used for health walks. We picked up all the burnt and broken bits of wood so that nobody would start another fire in the area.

Once we got back to the start of the path, we were shown how to use different tool and then we worked in groups to help build the path.  We put down a lot of material on the first day and finished the base on the second day, so that it could be rolled.   We will be coming back for a few more days to finish it off next week.

Although the path is not yet complete, the group have received excellent comments about their work from a few local residents, congratulating them all on their hard work.

Well done to the hard working students of Calderhead High.  Top Marks for you all 🙂

To find out more about how to get involved with Path Skillz as an organisation, please visit here

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