Calderhead high school students put their surveying skills into action

Today, the students at Calderhead Highschool continued their Path Skillz project. Find out what they have been upto in their blog below!

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Today we looked at different materials and tools for building a path. Kyrsty drove the mini bus down the site where we were annoyed by wasps. We split into 3 different groups. Each group measured and worked out the sizes and angles of the path. Once we had done that, Elaine, Nicky, Auden, Scott, Emma, Amber, Sophie, Rebecca and Kyrsty went down to the leisure centre, toilets and the library to get people to fill in the surveys about the path. Most people filled them in but there was the odd occasion a moody person said no. 

Sophisticated Path Club

Today we used surveying tools and measured the path. We then drew a graph of the path. Everyone in the group surveyed one person each. We then wrote up about what we found out from our survey and coloured in a sheet with peoples comments from our survey. We asked people about what they thought about the paths in the area. 

The girls

Today, The Simpsons surveyed the area we would we would be working in. We enjoyed this very much. We also liked doing the public consultation. We really did enjoy talking to the public to find out what they thought about the path and the local area. We are very excited to take part in tomorrows session when we do the practical part. 

The Simpsons


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