Calderhead students build new skills

Today the Paths Skillz team met a new Path Skillz group from Calderhead High School in Shotts.

A group of eleven energetic students from the school have volunteered their time in partnership with Getting Better Together, a community based initiative.  The aim of this fantastic team is to improve a local path for residents.  Over the next few days the group will create a path that will allow for better access in the community and the group are excited about starting the project.

Getting Better Together aims to promote education, health and well being for the local residents in North Lanarkshire.

The group have split themselves into three teams and this is a blog from their first session.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 19.02.28

Today we started the Paths for All project, and we started by looking at what paths are like, how to identify what tools you require and come up with questions for a survey.

We participated in games to get ideas going in the group and we also found out what tools we need such as a clinometer, which is used to measure degrees of a slope.  We also found out how to work out volume to fill in a pothole.  We also filled in some paperwork for our Dynamic Youth Award.  It was a good day and we are going to be more practical in our next session.

Sophisticated P.C. The group consists of Rhys, Liam and Adam.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 19.02.29

Today the team called ‘The Simpsons’ did educational games and the most fun part was learning about what specific equipment was used for.  Tomorrow we will be doing a public consultation and we are also going to complete a path survey as a team.

The Simpsons. The group consists of Scott, Daniel, Aiden and Nicky.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 19.02.25

We are the Girls.  We did fun challenges and were better than the boys :).

We learned about how paths can be used and we learned that their are many different kinds of path and materials.  Today we learned about erosion and how that can affect paths.

The Girls. The group consists of Emma, Rebecca, Sophie and Amber.

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