Parklea team work together to create a perfect path

On the 23rd and 24th of July the two teams at Parklea, the Pathfinderz and Pathia, worked together to complete a path at Parklea nursery that will be enjoyed by all visitors to the area.

20180724_144035After surveying and designing  their paths independently on previous sessions, assisted by Graeme, the Technical Officer at Paths for All, the Two teams decided to join forces.  This created the biggest collection of superheroes since the Avengers assembled.

A description of the two days work on the path and the results of their efforts can be seen in the photographs below.


‘ We really enjoyed it.  We lined out the path to ensure that we built it in the correct place.  We then began to dig out the path using a range of tools we had learned how to use.  This included the mattock, pinch bar, shovel and spades’.20180723_124438


‘After we had marked out the path we then had to dig out 10cms for the depth of the path and make sure that it was 1.2 metres wide along the whole length of the path.  It was hard work but it looked good before we started to fill it with material for the path surface’.



‘We kept the surrounding area tidy by moving away excess material and raking it to the sides, while other added type 1 material to the path for a base after we had put down a geo-textile.  Keiran then used the roller to ensure the material was packed firmly and that the path had a camber to ensure that water would run off the path’.


‘ We completed the path by putting down a layer of whin dust 25mm thick.  This was done to finish off the path and was rolled by Kieran to make it compact.  It looked really good when it was finished’.

Jordan and Colin also commented that the project had been really enjoyable and that all members of the group had learned new transferable skills and specific path building knowledge.   All  members of the group agreed that the whole project had been good fun and that it was great for meeting new people.

The project was deemed a success by everyone participating in this partnership project.  A few of the new members of this group have even offered to come along to Parklea to volunteer their time.  This will help assist staff at Parklea to continue the good work that this organisation does for the local community.

As a result of their amazing efforts, Chris, Jordan and Colin have been put forward to receive a Youth Volunteer Award.

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