Is rivalry set to split Parklea as they look at different paths?

20-07-2018 (Paths for all) (Paul Maxwell) (34)



On the second day of the Path Skillz course at Parklea Branching out, there was a notable tension in the air as both teams designed, surveyed and fully costed a path design that would complement the beautiful surroundings of the centre.  Will there continue to be debate over cost and design? Read the actual statements prepared by the Path finderz and Pathia as they state their claim to be the Number #1 path building team in Inverclyde.  Can you decide who should be victorious in this battle to put down a path?

Parklea Pathfinderz: 

Today we went outside to plan our path.  We measured the length, width and depth with our measuring tapes and trundle wheel and used the spirit level for the gradient.  Later in the afternoon we worked on budget work as well as our survey.  We made a poster plan and looked at a summary of our survey, this was a work of art by our leader Kieran.  We are now ready to start work on Monday.btr


Parklea Pathia:

We went down to the bottom of Parklea where the path will be getting built.  The area is a bit messy but has been cleared out to allow the designing of the path.  We used the tools to measure the path to allow us to design it.  


In the afternoon we worked out the design of the path and the necessary area and volume of it.  This allowed us to work out how much material was needed.  We then worked out the cost of the project.   Through our public consultation survey, we recognised that people feel signage and paths could be upgraded at the site.  We also found that many visitors enjoy the peaceful nature of the path.

As this goes to press, we have heard from insiders that both suggested path designs are excellent and that the projected budget costs of the project are very similar.  Read more about this intense rivalry in the the next exciting instalment.

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