Branching out and learning new Path Skillz


Our new Path Skills group are based in Port Glasgow and are involved in a voluntary organisation called ‘Parklea Branching Out’ . The group have split themselves into two teams and this the blog from the their first session.


We are designing and building a path over the next 4 days. Today we started by doing an icebreaker activity to get to know all the group. We then learned about the different types of paths and the history of paths. We did a range of fun team building activities. The place game was the most challenging but also the most fun. We learned which tools we will have to use and also how to use some of the equipment. Additionally we learned about the range of challenges that can be faced when building a path. Next week we are preparing the surface of the path and will build this to a high professional standard.

The Pathia (Like the Maffia)  The group consists of Colin, Stewart, Allan and Jason


The first thing we did was play a game called people bingo.  This helped us get to know people. We also played a dice game identifying paths and their problems.

We used tools like ranging poles, clinometers and a trundle wheel to take measurements and levels of a path.

The days has been good fun for team building and learning about new tools.

Parklea Path Finders The group consists of Keiran, Bryan, Chris and Jordan

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