P.A.V.E Direction work hard on community path!


When we arrived this morning, we drew an outline of the path that we would be working on. We had to name the tools that we would be using and what they could be used for. A few of us worked on survey results from last week. Feedback was that people wanted to keep it natural.

We then went to Auchendinny to the path. We all enjoyed today. It was hard work. Some of us had to shovel stones into the wheelbarrow. About 3/4 of the path dug. We had to build a wee trench for for the water to flow into. There was a lot of digging.

Lunch was rubbish as the bread was mouldy! Hard work made us hungry but no food to fill our belly!

Taylor- P.A.V.E Direction

Disclaimer: No teenager was harmed in the making of this path. Our staff also had the sandwiches and assured us they were lovely :)!


Visit the P.A.V.E page here

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