P.AV.E Direction learn how to survey!



P.A.V.E Direction- Another day working with Paths for All. Today we did a site visit. The section we are going to work on is at Auchendinny. Preparation work included writing questions for the community consultation and an identification of the tools and equipment we were going to be using. These included spirit levels, clinometers, trundle wheels, ranging poles and measuring tapes.

At the site we interviewed users of the path and their comments were useful. On site the path section measured 59m long and between 2.5 and 3m wide. The gradient of the path was 0.5.

Problem areas include new/old drainage, muddy sections, water running of the side of the hill.

We also measured how much walking we did as a group and the average steps was over 2300.

Next week we will get stuck into practical work. Yahoo!!

P.A.V.E Direction

Visit the P.A.V.E page here









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