The Zone- Completed Project

The Zone have worked hard over the winter months to complete their path project along the Jubilee path in Dalmellington. The participants who were split into three teams were asked to write a final blog for the project and here is what they had to say:

‘Everyone on JJ&co completed what we set out to do. JJ&co think we definitely improved the area because we got some good comments from the community on Social Media. JJ& co enjoyed the most that we got to help the community.’

Jack Dickson (JJ&co sub team)

‘Very enjoyable doing the work. Found out we had skills that we did not know we had. We helped out people that use all the paths daily. Happy with the all the comments. I like to thank Paths for All for all that they done, a great job! ‘

Gilbert Arthur (The A team sub team)

‘We set out to improve a local path to help the community. ‘Paths for All; came in and taught us how to do it. With their help, we widened the path and cut back the trees. We got lots of positive feedback from the locals including the following social media comments:’

‘They dae a great wee job, dae the community proud they boys. Well done’

‘Well done, noticed the old line had been tidied up. Big difference’

‘Great job, makes a big difference well done’

‘Well done great job’

‘Well done boys’ 

‘What a difference, this is great to see. Also this is another big improvement for out village through The Zone. Well done. 

‘Well done boys. Making these well walked paths so much better, Thank you’

Colin (JJGC Groundworks subteam)

In total the group received 21 comments through social media thanking them for their work, with many people stating what a difference it has made to the local community. To see the difference the boys have made to the path, read our previous blog 

At the end of the course, all received a Path for All certificate for their achievements and will shortly be finding out if they have successfully completed their Dynamic Youth Award.  Well done to all involved!








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