The Zone #PathSkillz Day 2


It was a damp drizzly day in Dalmellington but the guys from the Zone were still eager to get outside and survey some paths.

The group have been split into 3 teams. The team names they chose  are “The A-Team” , “JJGC Groundworks” and “JJ-CO” here is what they got up to today.

The A-Team

Today we went out to Jubilee Path and learned how to use path surveying equipment. We then carried out a detailed survey of part of the route. We took measurements, so we could work out the material we required and how much this would cost.

When we saw people out walking we asked them to take part in our community survey. Results from survey are here


Today we out and measured the areas we will be repairing at the Jubilee Path. It was fun using different tools for a change.

In the afternoon we got a few more community surveys done and redrew our path survey.

We found out from the community that most people use the path for walking and dog walking and most of the people we spoke to use the path daily. Results from survey are here

JJGC Groundworks

Today we surveyed the path, measuring the length, width, depth and gradient. We used trundle wheels and clinometer.

In the afternoon we put together a detailed drawing using the measurements we took in the morning, the drawing showed the work that was required to be done on the path.



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