The Zone Day 1

The Trainees

The Pathskillz trainees split into three groups for this course and have each been working on writing a blog. Here is what each group had to say about Day 1:


JJAC groundwork


‘Our team is called JJAC groundwork. We work for the zone initiative! We are undertaking a course to develop our path building skills through Path Skillz. The first session helped us to identify different types of paths, what the potential problems may arise plus information on how to correct issues.’


The A Team

‘We are the A team and we are based at the zone in Dalmellington. We learned a lot about the different types of paths and tomorrow we are going out with a survey’

Jamie Hunter


‘The name of our group is We are young people that attend the zone in Dallmellington. Our team is made up by Angus, Steven, Big Jack and Wee jack. On day one of the Path Skillz course we have learned to pick out the fault in the path and see the advantages and disadvantages in paths.

Tomorrow we are going out to survey the path we are improving.

What we enjoyed the most was the games and we are looking forward to the survey the most. 

Jack Dickson


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