Fife Rural Partnership/Our Bright Future Summary

The Before pictures
Before the work was completed
Before picture 2
Another picture of what the path looked like before the work was carried out
Survey day
The apprentices surveying their path to decide which work to complete
During the project
One of the apprentices hard at work building the path
Finishing the path
The guys finishing up their path
The completed path
The apprentices showing their invited guests to their completed path during their launch event

Paths for All are pleased to have completed another successful Path Skillz project, this time working with Fife Rural Partnership to deliver training over two weeks to their Our Bright Future apprentices.

The apprentices had a tough task and had to build a brand new 50m path at The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn which they done with perseverance and determination especially when time was against them!

The path they have built now allows people to access an Orchard from the main area of The Ecology Centre. The apprentices which are based at The Ecology Centre plan to continue extending the path with the skills they have gained throughout the course. Once completed, the the path itself will eventually lead to an Eco grave yard and connect with a nearby housing estate which is in the process of being built. Throughout the process of the course, the trainees explored the benefits of the path and were able to recognise that their path would be able to provide valuable access and create a walk for local residents which would promote physical activity.

One of the most valuable qualities the apprentices said they gained from the course apart from the path building skills was the ability to work in a team and all of them reported that they felt really confident in this area when completing their evaluation at the end.

To find out about the apprentices experience first hand, read their blog here which was written by Reece, one of the trainees on the course

Roxanne                                                                                                                                             Paths for All- Development Officer


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