We are part of the PAVE Programe.  We split into 2 teams , TEAM FRESH and PATH BUSTERS. We  are working on the Roslin Glen path and after the opening  we want as many people as possible turning up. We are starting work on the project on Thursday 21st September.  We have planned ahead and have a rough idea of what the turn out will be like. There are many exciting things we have planned for the path. The name of the event is PAVE party @ the path.


Week 1 –  Our first week we got our team names together and started writing ideas down. We came up with some ideas on what we are going to do on the path and learnt about how paths benefit the public.

Week 2 –  We planned the event roughly and both our teams separated and came up with ideas on what we are going to do for the launch event and how we can get the best turn out on the day.


Next week 2 the people who are working on the event are going to the path to survey the public about how they use the path.

We want the best turn out 15th November  – come along around 10.15 a.m. everyone’s invited!


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