Fife rural partnership OBF (Our Bright Future) Path skillz- Day 3 & 4


On day 3 the two groups gathered at the ecology centre common room to discuss and pre-plan what tasks we were going to carry out on site. We got to the site and conducted a tool talk covering hazards and risks. We then went over a risk assessment on site before carrying out any practical task.

We arrived on site with the appropriate tools needed for the task and began by digging the tray ensuring we made it to the correct measurements which was 50m long, 1.5m wide and 50mm deep. The two groups then spent a good few hours levelling the proposed path keeping in mind the drainage factors (cross fall) as well as the disabled access.

The beginning of day 4 consisted of more tool talks and risk assessments. We then continued with the levelling of the path. Before using any of the material that we had for creating the path,  we used a geotextile layer to prevent growth of grass or any vegetation as well as it being a foundation of the path.  We then used type 1 stones to create sturdy base layer on the path. We then used a wacker plate to level and compact the type 1 in order to ensure that we had a solid base before spreading whin dust (Surface layer) across the top of the type 1. We then used the wacker again to compact the two layers together creating a solid,sturdy path.




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