Fife rural partnership OBF (Our Bright Future) Path skillz- Day 2

Our group gathered at the Fife Ecology Centre common room. Recapped about what we covered in day 1.

Afterwards we were giving the task in the morning to conduct a path survey and visitor survey. We split into two groups to carry out the task, our team names were Reece’s pieces and the A- team. We went out on a site visit to assess the existing path and discuss what work we were going to carry out to upgrade the path.

The information the two groups gathered throughout the task given included hazards on the site, the gradient(the level) of the ground, along with the site specification we gathered that the path length is 50 meters long and varies from 0.8 meters to 2 metres wide. As we were surveying the site( soon to be under construction!) Myself and Aaron were Gathering information on what the visitors at the ecology centre think of the proposed plan ( in other words, carrying out a community survey).

The afternoon consisted of more in depth planning of the sequence of operations to fulfil the construction, including a detailed diagram of the site as well as having the information given by the public.

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