RUTS Paths Improvements Completed

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks you’ll know that a group from RUTS (Rural and Urban Training Scheme)   had taken part in Paths for All PathSkillz Program .

On Tuesday the 1st of August the group came out again to Auchendinny to put the final touches on their project. They completed the steps and landscaped the surrounding area so that they blend in with the surrounding environment.

The steps were required to reduce erosion and prevent the tarmac path from subsiding.

The vegetation around the tunnel was pruned back so that the signage was visible and improved the sightlines for walkers and cyclists, and in doing so make it look more welcoming for people using the path.

During the groups outings everyone involved in the project has been overwhelmed by the positive comments from people walking past, someone even called RUTS office to say that the group had done a great job and were very polite.

Alan from Midlothian Ranger Service said “on my site visit today  I was very impressed with the entrance clearance at Dalmore Mill and the high specification of the steps.  I have already had a lot of positive feedback from the locals in the area of the work being undertaken”.

For next week the group have organised a celebration day, they have invited friends, family and people who have had an involvement in the project along to view the work that has been done. As part of the celebration day those who have taken part will receive their awards.



Before the Steps were in place
With the steps in place
Entrance tunnel before vegetation clearing
Same tunnel after vegetation clearing

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