PathSkillz RUTS Week 2

Today we went to the area were we will be carrying out some path improvements. We looked at path problems and hazards, such as overgrown vegetation, looses debris at the sides of the path and tree branches that are in the way of people using the path.

We then went on to ask the community questions about paths in the area and what they thought could be improved, the most common problem reported  was overgrown vegetation.

We also went over the types of materials and tools we would need to improve the pathway, we also took measurements and gave ourselves more of an idea of what we could improve.

A large part of our project will be building a set of steps, to help prevent a part of the path from subsiding, prevent further erosion and therefore improving access for users. We took measurements and worked out how many steps we would need and what size these should be.



PathSkillz Group at the location where the steps will be constructed

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